About Advanced Behavioral

Advanced Behavioral Health Services, LLC is a private practice with a dedicated team of licensed psychotherapists specializing in therapeutic services for children ages 3-21 providing evidenced based interventions, psychoeducation, play therapy, parent skills training, and social skills development.
Children struggling with mental health or behavior challenges may hesitate or resist talking about their feelings to people around them. Even if they decide to open up to someone, they may not be able to express or explain their feelings correctly. Children need guidance and proper tools to be able to navigate themselves and the world around them. It is difficult to see your child go through a mental health challenge and not knowing how to help, but you don’t have to go through this alone! This is exactly where mental health professionals like us can help. We observe your child in different settings. Whether your child exhibits behaviors at home, at school, or at the playground, then that is where we’ll be. We observe how a child behaves in different settings in order to identify the underlying behavioral concern and develop effective therapeutic intervention plan according to their needs. We will be right by your side, working together as a team to help your child overcome their obstacles so they can live a happy and productive childhood.

Who We Are

Advanced Behavioral Health Services is an Intensive In-Community Service provider within the NJ Division of Children’s System of Care (CSOC). Services are delivered to youth with behavioral health needs. They are designed to help maintain children in the least restrictive setting and to preserve their home environment. Referrals are accepted for youth open to Care Management Organizations (CMO) or Children’s Mobile Response and Stabilization Services (CMRSS), and are reimbursed through NJ Medicaid. Please visit PerformCareNJ.org or call 1877-652-7624 24/7 for more information. If you would like to request services or make a referral, please contact us.
Advanced Behavioral Health Services also provides In-Home Therapy Services to children and families who choose not to access services through Children’s Systems Of Care (CSOC) and would prefer to request these services through a private fee-for-service contract. This service is not reimbursable through commercial insurance or Medicaid. Families may call us at (856-625-9194) or email us at info@advbehavioralhealthservices.com to inquire about services and rates.

Our Team

Advanced Behavioral Health Services staff are Doctorate (Ph.D., PsyD) and Masters (M.A., MS) Level Psychotherapists who hold licensure as:

Our Vision

Advanced Behavioral Health Services wants to see every child flourish by managing their specific mental health or behavioral health concern through relevant approaches and strategies. We are passionate and dedicated to providing children the tools necessary to thrive.